Please Go to our Brookings School District website at .

The above website server is located at Brookings High School. Our current web server  is a Macintosh G3 running Webstar web server software for several years and has NEVER broken down or refused a hit. Please check our Web site out. Brookings School District has had a home page since 1994. Some of our links are designed to be available from Brookings only so if a page doesn't open it was designed to work that way.

We have the teachers TTL WebPages linked to our individual schools web pages at the above site currently and will be moving them to the the site that Digital Dakota has set up at DSU for us as time permits. As our teaching staff develops more home pages it will be a blessing that they will be able to administer and update there own works from the classroom.

For help including screen shots for Mac and Windows computers on how to use the DDN email click here!

Click here for a tip on setting up FrontPage If you have a error code of (-2146893042) with a modem internet connection to your ISP.

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